Redbreast 15 Year Pot Still Whiskey - Ireland

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The last remaining pot still whiskey in Ireland just got better. This 15-year-old whiskey is every bit as alluring and flavorful as the famous 12yr, with the complexity and sophistication you would expect from a 15yr. Spirits Journalist F. Paul Pacult commented that it 'Ranks with Midleton very rare and Bushmills 16 as one of Ireland’s gold standards.' Simply a must-have for the Irish whiskey enthusiast.

There was a time when all Irish whiskeys were distilled in copper pot stills from a mixture of malted and unmalted barley. Today, however, most Irish whiskey is column-distilled and focused more on mass distribution instead of quality. Redbreast is a rare survivor of the genre. Redbreast dates back to the early 20th-Century, when the bonding company Gilbey's of Ireland used the name for Jameson spirit which they matured and bottled, but since the 1990s it has been owned by Jameson's parent company, Irish Distillers Ltd. who stakes claim on most all of the premium whiskey made in Ireland.

Spirit (Varietal):
Irish Whiskey
15 years
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750 ml Bottle