Roca Patron Silver Tequila

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Patron changes up its tequila game once again by reaching into the past. This hand-crafted, premium tequila is made from 100% Weber Blue Agave in the classic, “tahona” process - one of the oldest, most labor-intensive methods for making a spirit. The agave is baked in brick ovens for over three days, then pressed by a two-ton volcanic stone wheel (Tahona). Citrus on the nose dives into earth and black pepper at the first sip. This crystal clear, 90proof tequila would make a boss-level margarita to kick off the weekend right.

The entire process of making Patrón Tequila takes place at the spectacular Hacienda del Patrón, nestled in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. Part factory, part palace, the Hacienda-designed to capture the spirit and grace of Mexico's traditional haciendas. Patrón's master distiller, Francisco Alcaraz selects the perfect agave using both his years of experience and his knowledge of science and the art of tequila making. Once the finest agave piñas are selected and trimmed, they are cut and put in traditional masonry ovens. The piñas are slowly steamed, in small batches, for 79 hours. The steamed agave piña is sweet and rich and is torn and shredded once softened. The shredded agave is placed in a shallow traditional stone pit, where it is macerated with large, natural stone milling wheels. The juice from the agave is placed in wooden fermentation tanks for 72 hours. The mixture that results is called "must." The must is distilled twice in traditional copper pot sills. The first distillation produces a sweet, low alcohol brew. The second distillation is less sweet and produces much higher alcohol content. After distillation, each batch is fine filtered and balanced under the fine supervision of master distiller, Francisco Alcaraz

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750 ml Bottle