Rutte Spirits 'Old Simon' Genever Netherlands


Rutte produces 47 recipes of this classic Dutch libation and only one comes to the US. Hints of roasted walnuts and spice mesh with spicy coriander and citrus seamlessly as you travel the path to gin nirvana. Seven generations of distillation history have reaped serious rewards.

Our quest for great stuff brought us to the land of tulips, clogs, and Genever, the "original" gin, where Simon Rutte founded this small distillery in 1872. With access to spices and fruits from the Dutch East Indies, he found good use for them in the still, crafting diminutive batches of outstanding spirits infused with those flavors. With a selection of vodka and gin made from all natural ingredients, Rutte has carried on a long tradition of excellence. Rarely seen on these shores, we are excited to have first crack at this stuff. We think you'll love it.

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