Sacred Spiced English Vermouth London

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While experimenting with making a batch of mulled wine during Christmas one year, Ian Hart had an epiphany and started to craft his own unique style of spiced English vermouth. Rich flavors of spice cake, citrus and dark chocolate with a seductive palate weight that opens the door to a world of cocktail possibilities. Negroni. Manhattan. You name it, this is going to take your favorite drink to a whole new level.

From his north London home, Ian Hart is challending the status quo with his lineup of gin, vodka and vermouth. Under low temperature and in small batches, he uses a state-of-the-art glass vacuum still (that fits on his kitchen table), and distills each botanical separately to capture delicate flavors and aromas. With an impeccable spice rack at his fingertips, he's able to craft a distinctive blend that will exceed the sum of its parts. These unique spirits are London's biggest craze since the Clash, and are soon to catch fire here in the States.

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United Kingdom
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750 ml Bottle