Savage & Cooke "Second Glance" American Whiskey

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Dave Phinney has won the hearts (and palates) of wine lovers such as yourself everywhere. If you love big, bold flavors you’re no stranger to Dave’s legacy. He is pushing his boundaries even further with a new project on Mare Island called Savage & Cooke Distillery. Starting a distillery is no easy feat, and those who do it well usually start with a helping hand. 

Dave has selected lots of Kentucky whiskey and masterfully blended them to finish in Napa Cabernet barrels, the resulting elixir is as bold as his wines with hints of spice, buttered brioche, maple syrup and dark fruit. Intensely rich on the palate with honeysuckle, caramel, Marzipan and freshly-baked cherry pie this is one glass of whiskey that will make you swoon. Layered and complex, there’s something different to experience with every sip. Dave’s new venture will surely tickle the taste buds of you and your friends!

American Whiskey
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Savage & Cooke
95% Corn, 4% Rye and 1% Malted Barley
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