Seven Stills Cranberry Bitters 4oz


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A marriage of the craft of beer, distillation and experimentation - with some great art thrown in on their labels - Seven Stills, of San Francisco, is one of the most unique craft spirits producers working today. Started in 2013 by Tim Obert and Clint Potter, they distill their whiskeys from craft beer. All whisk(e)y starts as a fermented grains often called a "distiller's beer" or "wash". The "distiller's beer" is usually made without hops (a critical ingredient in beer we consume) with a focus on what the distillate is going to be in the end. By using specialty malts, hops and yeasts and to first make a brew, Seven Stills changes the dynamic of the finished whiskey dramatically. They have experimented with over 30 beer-to-whiskey distillates and will continue to push their own senses as they find new recipes to try. As they continue they will have a core line of seven whiskeys, and will offer specialty releases as well. We hope you enjoy these drams as much as we do.

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United States
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4 Oz Bottle