Siembra Metl Mezcal Cupreata Michoacan


Siembra Metl is produced at the distillery (known as a Vinata in Michoacan) Don Mateo de la Sierra. It is the first registered Mezcal to come out of the state of Michoacán since it was recognized by the CRM as a registered state for Mezcal production.

Emilio Vieyra is the 6th generation Master Distiller and only child of Emilio Vieyra Sr. (deceased) and Delia Vargas Vieyra (still very much alive.) High elevation is the name of the game here, with agave cultivated above 6,000 feet and production at 7,000 feet amidst the pine forests their production is dominated by wood material, perhaps you could say “the wood makes the mezcal.” Roasted in large in-ground ovens (hornos) for 12 hours, fermented with ambient yeasts and distilled in custom stills made of Pine, these are some of the most unique spirits on the planet.

The higher elevation for both cultivation and production produces a very nuanced spirit. Lighter tropical fruits are integrated with mineral tones and a wisp of smoke. The palate shows subtleties not always found in mezcal, the smoke is an accent and not the dominant characteristic by any means. A truly sublime exploration of agave’s purity in distillation.

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Siembra Metl
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