Silent Pool Gin


Bright notes of kaffir lime and rose petal accompany this juniper-forward gin, as a slight hint of fresh linen emerges from the glass. The full-bodied palate shows earthy tones that are balanced by a hint of honey sweetness. Try this with a touch of sparkling water and a twist of lemon over ice for an anytime refresher. 

A Gin renaissance is underway, and we now taste almost as much gin as we do whisky. This new arrival really stood out from the pack. Silent Pool Distilleries is the self-professed “Willy Wonka of distilleries,” and Master Distiller Cory Mason is the reason. He employs a unique method that includes bruising and macerating the major botanicals, infusing the citrus and floral components, and using fractional distillation to precisely control the amount of flavor from each botanical in the final product. All in all, 24 unique botanicals are carefully selected for this gin, and many are locally sourced. Mason may be perhaps be a mad scientist, but the results speak for themselves.

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Silent Pool Distilleries
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750 ml Bottle