Sipsmith Sloe Gin Liqueur

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Sloe gin… what's that? A home-grown British favorite, a triumph of ingenuity, and a forgotten cocktail classic that deserves to be revisited all rolled into one! The boys at Sipsmith hand-harvest ripe sloe berries (fruit from the blackthorn bush) each autumn and infuse them in their London dry gin to make this unique spirit. Gorgeous stone fruit, red currant aromas, bright cassis and ripe cherry flavors are all perfectly balanced with a touch of sweetness and a velvety mouthfeel. For a real treat, drizzle a bit over your next G&T or whip up a classic Sloe Gin Fizz for a truly sublime experience. Limited availability.

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After a few years of slaving away for corporate-run beverage companies, Sam Galsworthy and Fairfax Hall went out on their own to pursue their passion for beautifully handmade spirits. In 2009 the pair recruited renowned spirits historian, publisher and master-distiller Jared Brown, and together they opened the first copper pot-based distillery to start up in London in the last 189 years. Producing a variety of small batch spirits (fewer than 300 bottles at a time) the trio call themselves "sipsmiths" celebrating the craft of distillation and their artisanal methods. You need not live in the UK to get your hands on these beauties… you can thank us later.

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United Kingdom
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750 ml Bottle