Smooth Ambler Old Scout 13 Year Single Barrel Select Straight Bourbon Whiskey

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This is as good a single barrel bourbon as we’ve tasted in a long time. We sampled a few Smooth Ambler bottlings with our supplier and landed on this beauty. While not technically a “private selection” this is as exclusive as it gets. Deep rich notes of salted caramel and spice, balanced by slight herbal tones with a hint of red fruits open the aromatic avalanche. You might think this much flavor will overwhelm the senses, but it is harmonious and perfectly balanced. The palate is lithe with notes of vanilla, butterscotch and wonderful warm spice. These well-aged bourbons don’t grow on trees, grab yours now while it lasts and we’ll work to keep the faucet flowing!

In the heart of Appalachia you’ll find hard-working, independent, entrepreneurial folks with a sense of adventure. And in the early ‘10s a new distillery founded by such people burst onto the scene. TAG Galyean and his son-in-law John Little started Smooth Ambler Spirits in 2009 and have been producing and bottling sensational, award-winning spirits since. TAG and John had been searching for something they could produce in West Virginia, using raw materials sourced among the bounty of the lands nearby, and had considered other trades before TAG saw an article published in Time Magazine in early 2008 about the rise of American craft distilling. Throwing caution to the wind, a daring new business launched in the lush countryside of Greenbrier Valley. The distillery hand-crafts a variety of vodka, gin and whiskey on site. Taking a page from the Scot’s independent bottler guide book, they have really made a name for themselves with their hand-selected casks of whiskey bottled under the moniker “Old Scout.” One of the first single barrels of rye whiskey we selected for an exclusive bottling was bottled under this label, and it’s still one of our favorites to go back to and sip on.

Bourbon Whiskey
13 years
Oak Treatment:
American Oak; 100% new & charred
West Virginia
Alcohol %:
Smooth Ambler
Undisclosed Bourbon Mash Bill
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