Specter Napa Valley Port Wine Finished California Straight Bourbon Batch #002

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Spector's California Straight Bourbon Whiskey is made with organically farmed California corn and rye, as well as the finest California barley—malted to their exacting standards.  Using a traditional bourbon mash bill and distilling on a hybrid pot-column farm still, a delicious distillate emerges.  They then age for a minimum of three years in new charred American oak barrels which were hand coopered in the Napa Valley. 

They select some of our finest barrels of bourbon and then move them to rest for a short time in Napa Valley port wine casks yielding delicate fruit flavors and aromas enhancing the already classic bourbon notes.

All fermentation, distillation, maturation, and bottling takes place in California.

*Spirits only ship to AK, CA, DC, FL, NE, NH, ND
Bourbon Whiskey
Oak Treatment:
Napa Valley Port Wine Casks
Total Varietal Composition %:
75% Corn, 15% Rye, 10% Malted Barley
Organically farmed California corn and rye, as well California barley—malted
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750 ml Bottle