Spirit Works Straight Wheat Whiskey

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Whiskey was always part of the plan, but as Spirit Works grain-to-glass operation has grown beyond their original lineup of vodka, gin, and Sloe Gin, we have been increasingly impressed with the concentration of what they're making.The wheat whiskey shows an array of aromatics including Werther's candies, Marzipan, Texas peaches and a hint of tea leaf. The palate is smooth and creamy with notes of toasted campfire smores, and a hint of freshly picked tobacco leaf. The lingering finish has an added sweet oak character that wraps it all up. Tasty stuff, and a nod in the right direction for craft whiskey makers.

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After years working with environmental non-profits, Ashby and Timo Marshall decided to try and change the course of the world in a different way - one gin at a time. After an arduous four years of distilling courses and apprenticeships, their dream became reality when they opened the doors of their Northern California distillery. Each spirit starts with local raw grains that are milled, fermented and distilled entirely on site, making them one of the few grain-to-glass distilleries in America. This hands-on approach allows them to control all aspects of the process, creating a line of premium spirits where quality has never been compromised for the sake of volume. From their Vodka to Sloe Gin, Spirits Works has not only raised the bar in the world of "craft spirits," they've entered into a class of their own.

Wheat Whiskey
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Spirit Works Distillery
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750 ml Bottle