St. George Spirits Absinthe 200ml California

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The once preferred drink of noted artists, scholars and intellectuals, banned for nearly a century, made its return in 2007 with St. George producing the first legal absinthe in The United States since 1912. A true-to-form 'Verte' style, it captures a slightly golden-jade hue with aromas of black licorice, fennel seed, spearmint and verbena. The palate consists of a 'Good & Plenty' licorice (Yes, really) intensity with delicate flavors of basil, cocoa nib, and a mouth coating, silky finish.

In the 30 years since St. George Spirits was founded, we have grown from a dedicated eau de vie distillery into a diverse operation that makes a range of craft spirits. What was then a bare-bones production facility with tasting tables jerry-rigged on sawhorses, is now a 65,000-square-foot hangar with a spectacular tasting room, laboratory, and a lineup of the most beautiful pot stills in the industry. It's a lot to be proud of. But it didn't happen overnight. They've grown slowly over the years, hiring one person at a time, adding one copper still at a time. We don't have a marketing team, an advertising budget, or a blimp. What we do have are passion, ideas, and access to superlative raw materials. The craft distillation movement has grown with them over the last three decades, and they've been joined by hundreds of new distilleries across the country. As the landscape has changed, there's been a lot of talk about established spirits brands vs. newcomers. Big brands vs. small brands. The way we see it, it's not that small or big is better. It's not that new or old is better. Better is better. And with that in mind, they have dedicated themselves to making the best spirits they can. They pledge to craft quintessential spirits to delight hedonists and genius bartenders alike-and when you taste our spirits, we hope that the character and quality of what's in your glass will convey to you what we're all about.

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200 ml Bottle