Suntory 'Roku' Gin

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The famed Suntory distillery has the Midas touch. Everything turns to gold from this Japanese house of spirits. This gin was a revelation at a recent industry tasting. A traditional base of Juniper, coriander, and Angelica root is enhanced and layered with the addition of Japanese botanicals Sakura Leaf, Sakura Flower, Gyokura Tea, Sencha Tea, Sansho Pepper, Yuzu Showing bold citrus notes and a lot of umami, your tonic just found a new best friend. 

Suntory distillery was founded in 1923, but was not well-known here in the United States until 2003 when their whiskies began an unparalleled surge in popularity thanks to the film Lost in Translation. Murray's dead-pan, stoic performance has been revered, but that fictional tale is not the first to feature actors and celebrities from the UK and US endorsing these fine drams. Now the brand is omnipresent, be it the legend that is Yamazaki 18 year old or the subtlety found in Hibiki Harmony, you likely know something about Japanese whisky. Sofia Coppola likely found inspiration from her famous director father and his series of ads for Suntory extolling the virtues of whisky and friendship with another film legend, Akira Kurosawa. Perhaps seeing Sean Connery go from disheveled to perfectly pressed after a glass of Suntory Crest was the muse for Mr. Murray's performance. Humorous ads such as the one featuring a cartoon, bobblehead-like Duran Duran singing "The Reflex" might spark your interest. Perhaps a little ad-lib by the incomparable Sammy Davis Jr. would prove Suntory Whisky is of your class. Maybe a glass of Suntory on the rocks drunk to the jazz jams of my man, Ron Carter, on the bass, is your ideal soundtrack for relaxing times.

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750 ml Bottle