Teeling Pot Still Irish Whiskey

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Triple distilled from a mash of 50% malted barley and 50% unmalted spring barley, this shows rich balanced notes of sweet malt, oat cakes, hints of dark fruits and a nice, bracing wave of oak spice. The palate is medium-full bodied with a lot of the same character plus a touch of orange rind. As smooth an Irish Whiskey as we've had and beats the pants off of some of the other Irish on the market, do yourself a favor and take the upgrade!

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Jack Teeling, founder of the Teeling Whiskey Co., comes from a family long associated with Irish whiskey. From Walter Teeling in 1782 who setup a distillery on Marrowbone Lane in Dublin to John Teeling who founded Cooley Distillery in 1987, the first new Irish whiskey distillery to be established in Ireland in over 100 years. Jack continues on the Teelings entrepreneurial spirit and while initially starting out as an Independent bottler aims to get back into the distilling game to ensure a constant supply of Irish whiskey. The Teeling Whiskey Co. reviving the Independent Spirit of Ireland.

Irish Whiskey
Oak Treatment:
Ex-Bourbon Casks (50%); ex-Sherry Casks (25%); Virgin American Oak (25%)
Alcohol %:
50% Unmalted Barley; 50% Malted Barley
SKU #:
750 ml Bottle