Tempus Fugit Creme de Cacao

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Take everything you thought you knew about liqueurs and throw it out the window! Tempus Fugit has changed the game. No other crème de cacao is on the same planet as this stuff. Using an historic recipe, the savory accents of mint and thyme are the perfect foil to the core cocoa foundation. Not too sweet and definitely not syrupy. If you want to taste chocolate paradise, simply grab a bottle of this… there’s nothing to it.

What's not to love about a spirits maker whose tagline states they're "dedicated to the glory of a well-made cocktail?" Yeah, we couldn't think of anything either. Tempus Fugit Spirits got started in 2001 with the creation of their distinctive Vieux Pontarlier Absinthe. They've since crafted over 25 different incarnations of the fabled elixir. Discontented with a lack of European expressions, they became an independent US importer of small batch absinthe when it was re-legalized in the states as of 2007. But it's not just about absinthe at Tempus Fugit Spirits - they're proud to source and recreate rare spirits and liqueurs for the discerning connoisseur. Many of their prized spirits would have been lost to history but are now finding a new fan base in America's resurging craft spirits movement. This is a "geeky" spirits company in the best sense of the word and we love them for it.

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750 ml Bottle