Savage & Cooke The Burning Chair Bourbon Whiskey

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The Burning Chair is a blend of bourbons from three distilleries: one in each Kentucky, Tennessee, and Indiana. The whiskey is aged in new, charred American oak until it reaches the desired maturity. Then Phinney works his magic and finishes the blended product in barrels previously used for his Cabernet-based wines for eight long months, bringing waves of character to your glass. Waves of sweet butterscotch and candied spice take hold from the opening aromas through the finish. A hint of berry fruit balances it all out.

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Dave Phinney is well known in oenological circles for his bold, robust winemaking style – he was, after all, the man behind The Prisoner (prior to its sale to Huneeus) and the wines of Orin Swift. He is a guy who has a multitude of interests and passions and decided on a slight detour from the wine route. He’s a lover of whiskey and has a great palate so he took the idea that he could use his wine barrels and add depth and dimension to whiskey. Utilizing industry contacts made over the years Dave has found some impeccable sources for this whiskey project, Savage & Cooke. It doesn’t stop there, though. This is not just a brand built on bottling sourced whiskey. Dave has set up shop on Mare Island, built a distillery, and hired a master distiller that will produce whiskeys in the vein of his wines: they push the envelope of flavor, richness and balance.

Bourbon Whiskey
Oak Treatment:
American Oak; 100% new & charred
Alcohol %:
Savage & Cook
75% Corn, 21% Rye and 4% Malted Barley
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750 ml Bottle