The Last Drop 20 Year Old Japanese Blended Malt Whisky


Mizunara, celebrated for infusing unique notes into whisky, presents a challenge: only 200-year-old trees are harvested, and the wood is prone to distortion. This 100% Japanese-distilled whisky masterfully blends 20 to 40-year-old malts from Hanyu Distillery's brief existence (1980-2000) with singular malts from various Japanese distilleries.

It boasts aromas of toasted dry oakiness, sweet floral notes, dried apricots, spices, almonds, and rich spiciness. The flavor profile reveals the sweetness of spring flowers intertwined with rich tropical notes of mango, papaya, and lychee, leading to a spicy, dry finish. Pineapple and coconut emerge, and the lingering finish showcases tropical fruits and spices, while the dry oak and distinctive Mizunara qualities persist in the mouth and memory.

Only 180 bottles worldwide!

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Japanese Whiskey
Oak Treatment:
Mizunara cask
Alcohol %:
Malted Barley
SKU #:
700 ml Bottle