The Macallan Double Cask Limited Edition Year of the Rat Lunar New Year Two-Pack

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Grab a few of this limited edition two-pack for the Lunar New Year! We recently tasted this again and were simply in awe of how much flavor is coaxed out of the European and American Oak Sherry casks The Macallan selects for this bottling.
This is the beauty of Sherry-oak aged whisky on full display. Soft dried fruit and butterscotch aromas are balanced by a wisp of apple and vanilla. The palate is honeyed and laced with oak spice and a hint of caramel. The lingering finish has notes of oak and sweet spice.

This limited release commemorating the Year of The Rat will not be around for long, but stay lucky throughout the year by stocking up!

With over 200 years of malt mastery under their belt, the Macallan is undeniably the benchmark for which all others are judged. So much so, they've actually been banned from spirits competitions because they've won too many times. With less than 16% of their product ever making into a Macallan bottle, they're obsession with perfection has certainly paid off. We've acquired a few of their limited edition and rare single malts for you imbibing pleasure. Fair warning, these delicious treats will not be around for long.

Scotch Whisky
12 years
Oak Treatment:
American and European oak previously used for Sherry maturation
Alcohol %:
The Macallan
Single Malt Whisky
SKU #:
2 Pack 750 ml