The Macallan Harmony 'Rich Cacao' Single Malt Whisky

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We asked our friend Kieron Elliott, National Brand Ambassador for the Macallan, let us know his thoughts on this new revelatory whisky from the Highland's shining star.

Kieron tells us, "When I first nose The Macallan Rich Cacao from the new Harmony Collection the first thing that strikes me is the wonderful aroma of rich, milk chocolate, in behind which is a lovely balance of honey, cinnamon, fresh cut oak and a little lime zest. 

On the palate the honey is sweeter and chocolate has intensified to more of a dark chocolate. The cinnamon is still present and there’s a gentle reminiscence of spritzed orange oil and a lovely vanilla chocolate pudding finish. 

This delicious new expression is perfectly paired with some fine artisanal chocolates, crème brûlée or, of course, The Macallan's ultimate pairing… sticky toffee pudding."

Get your share of our allocation now! We're excited to enter the next chapter of Macallan's legacy.

With over 200 years of malt mastery under their belt, the Macallan is undeniably the benchmark for which all others are judged. So much so, they've actually been banned from spirits competitions because they've won too many times. With less than 16% of their product ever making into a Macallan bottle, they're obsession with perfection has certainly paid off. We've acquired a few of their limited edition and rare single malts for you imbibing pleasure. Fair warning, these delicious treats will not be around for long.

Scotch Whisky
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750 ml Bottle