The Revivalist Botanical Gin Equinox Expression

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This is going to sound a bit odd, but hear us out… Find the best local Bahn Mi sandwich you can and accompany it with a gin & tonic made with this bright, citrus forward gin. The Equinox Expression leaps from the glass with citrus mélange and a hint of sweet grain. The palate boasts a full complement of flavors including robust mint and coriander while remaining sleek and linear. We’re not sure we've ever paired food and gin in a tasting note before, but there you have it. This is absolutely sensational!

Brothers Don and Scott Avellino took an interesting approach to that idea and have begun producing seasonally inspired gins to showcase different botanical mixes that each make for a spirit with gusto! The bottlings are appropriately named “The Revivalist.” Given gin’s resurgence in the spirits world, it is a logical place for a small, craft distillery to start. Housed in a converted, restored barn, and nestled around 45 miles west of Philadelphia’s City Center, Brandywine Branch Distillers began making artisan spirits from grain to bottle in 2016. They use a custom built alembic still and have installed fermentation tanks made of local Douglas Fir, definitely modeled on an “old school” operation. Don, Scott, and their team are dedicated to preserving the traditions of craft and producing spirits that discerning drinkers will want to return to time and again.

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United States
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Brandywine Branch Distillers
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750 ml Bottle