The Tottori Blended Japanese Whisky


A superbly priced value for everyday drinking, this blended whisky reminds us that the Highball is a modern classic cocktail and deserves a spotlight whisky. Notes of freshly popped sweet corn, lemon rind and caramel wrapped in hints of apple skin and toasted oak. This has a medium body and will blend beautifully with sparkling water, add a squeeze of lemon and you’re on your way to cocktail heaven.

Japan is the hottest whisky producing country right now and we have got some steals for you! As availability of these whiskies dwindles, we keep seeking (and finding) more sources for great Japanese malts. Today’s offer are malt whiskies made at the Matsui Shuzou facility (founded in 1910.) The distillery makes its home in the Tottori Prefecture, west of Kyoto. A region with a gorgeous landscape, views of the Sea of Japan, and home to pristine waters, and parks full of cherry blossoms when in season. The use of sourced whisky in Japan is a process that is widely used, but often kept under wraps. This producer is very transparent that these are Japanese whiskies cut with malt whisky from Scotland, and matured in Japan. These are some of the best whiskies at great pricing coming across the Pacific. Fancy a sensational highball? Try the Tottori. If you love the age-statement whiskies, that are slowly going away in favor of whisky with catchy names, the 12-year is a great bet at an awesome price. How about an 18-year age-statement whisky for less than $225? That’s a bargain you won’t find every day. Supplies of these bottles are extremely limited, and when they’re sold out we aren’t sure when they’ll return! No matter what you love from the world of Japanese Whisky you’ll find a bottle here that delivers unmatched price-per-dollar performance.

Japanese Whiskey
No Age Statement
Alcohol %:
blended whisky from malt and grain
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750 ml Bottle