Vermouth del Professore Classico Piedmont


Our new favorite sipping vermouth, complex aromatics of honeysuckle, dried violets and a hint of anise, it’s soft on the palate with just the right hit of bitter in the finish. Made in small batches from an historic, secret recipe, the distillery only releases 750 cases per year. We’re going to get our share; you should too!

The distillery of Castelnuovo Don Bosco was founded in the years immediately following the unification of Italy in 1871, on the sun-drenched hills between Monferrato and Turin. In 1906 the distillery was bought by Giuseppe Quaglia, who expanded production and made vast improvements to the facilities. In the 1930s his son, Carlo, took over the business and continues the traditions of quality distillation begun by his father. Working with the original stills, the distillery continues producing classic grappa, single-grape brandies and vermouth. Antica Distilleria Quaglia is a company with four generations of distilling history that continues to bring quality Piemontese craftsmanship to market.

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