Villa Zarri Amaro Emilia Romagna

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Tradition in Emilia-Romagna starts with food; after all, it is the home of Bolognese, Parmigiano-Reggiano, and Balsamico Traditizionale. It is no surprise that tradition includes a finely made digestivo. Villa Zarri Amaro is a carefully guarded family recipe that is over a century old, and is absolutely perfect. Bright aromas of citrus, rhubarb and mint interplay with flavors of licorice, dried fruit and herbs that will have you entranced by the soft, yet very voluptuous mouth feel. It's no surprise the best amaro we have found comes from this gastronomic wonderland! One sip and you'll know what your meals have been missing all this time.

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Other Spirits
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Emilia Romagna
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