Westland SCB Cask Exchange American Single Malt Whiskey

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Westland's Cask Exchange program is one of the most unique barrel regimes we have found. They provide barrels previously used to age their whiskeys to local WA breweries who then barrel age their beer in said barrels, and return them to Westland for finishing their single malt. When it works well, such as this edition with Silver City Brewery, these whiskeys are straight up awesome. Rich and full-flavored with notes of orange creamsicle, freshly made waffles and a hint of smoke. Wonderful notes of cocoa and apple layer on the aromatics and the palate is balanced and oh so groovy. 

Founded in the heart of Seattle in 2010, Westland Distillery is a family-owned business with roots in the Pacific Northwest reaching back five generations. They are one of the largest - if not the largest - craft distiller of single malt whiskey in the U.S. Each expression of single malt they produce both honors the time-honored traditions of distilling and adds something new and distinctly American. Regardless of the individual expression, every whiskey at Westland is underscored by the distillery's identifiable house style; a sweetness and ease on the palate, accompanied by a complex, fruity, grain-focused finish worthy of its place in this new world.

American Whiskey
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Westland Barrels used for Silver City Brewing Beer
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Westland Distillery
Single Malt Whiskey
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750 ml Bottle