Ready for a Whisky Revelation? Take your love of brown-liquor to Scotland and hook up with some of our favorite distillers for an introduction to old-school that’ll leave you thirsty for more. 

The Macallan Classic Cut Single Malt Whisky: The most popular Malt Whisky in our stable returns with a new take on their old Cask Strength bottling. Classic Cut is a whisky that rises above the rest. Warming spices and oak-laden toffee are resplendent on the palate with touches of sweet cereal and dried figs. Savor every last second of the long, satisfying finish. 

Lagavulin 16-year Single Malt Whisky Islay Lagavulin is to Islay what bagpipes are to Scotland. A much sought-after single malt with massive amounts of peat smoke complemented by smoky flavors of iodine and seaweed with a rich sweetness and a long, elegant finish. Like Sean Connery, that brusque demeanor is a big part of its allure.

The Balvenie 21-year Port Wood Single Malt Whisky: A marriage of rare Balvenie malts aged together for 21 years, creating a firm foundation of exquisitely layered, smoked grains and sultry Port wood. Aromas of ripe raisin and stewed fruit dance with a mouthful of citrus, flowers, spiced honey and nutty single malt goodness that is simply divine. A masterpiece.

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