Whistlepig 10 year Rye Whiskey Bounty Hunter Private Selection


This was the first one we pulled a sample from and knew immediately this was the barrel we wanted. Straight from the barrel it was hedonistically rich, full of spice and graham cracker notes, and incredibly well-balanced with that ever-so-slight hint of dill we were seeking. This was one of our favorite private selections we made in 2017. It took a while to arrive, but it’s worth the wait. There’s no better chance for you rye whiskey lovers to start 2018 off the right way! Only 102 bottles made their way to us, don’t be left in the cold.

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Whistle Pig represents everything we're looking for in a great whiskey; rarity, pedigree, and a great story. Located on one of the oldest farms in Vermont dating back to the early 19th-Century, this 500-acre property was once a thriving epicenter for grist and lumber. The farm remained in operation until 2006, when it was purchased by founder Raj Peter Bhakta and transformed into a rye farm and distillery. Bhakta's plan was to create a single estate rye whiskey that would stand as a model for fully sustainable agriculture in the US. A lofty goal that would require the help Master Distiller Dave Pickerell, who after a long career with Maker's Mark wanted to create his magnum opus. This combination of passion, experience, and just the right amount of insanity proved the perfect combination for driving success.

Rye Whiskey
10 years
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