Anthony Leo

Wine Scout

Wine Scout Since: 2019
Favorite Wines:

Chardonnay (White Burgundy), Bordeaux, Napa Cab, Barolo, Riesling and Champagne

Rarest Wine Tasted:

1996 Chateau Cheval Blanc (out of 6 liter Imperial!)

Official Bio:

The doors to our gilded Napa Valley parted and welcomed me in over a decade ago. It was an opportunity to visit a property that sits at the foot of Mt. St. Helena – a dream slice of this Earth, my first winery experience and that which eventually would draw me in permanently. A young chef can find their ideal world in the Napa Valley. Growing up in the Philadelphia area, a great friend from youth shared that his uncle “had a ranch” in California. This modestly described ranch turned out to be that majestic winery property in Calistoga mentioned a moment ago.

Heading back East with reinvigorated inspiration, I carried on training in the classic French kitchens of New York and Philadelphia. Apprenticeship offered perfect exposure – work for the best and learn by their side. Over a decade in French cuisine offered incredible experience to explore the harmony of bringing food and wine together. My focus day after day had been to find that synergy in cuisine and libation – that perfect pairing. If you’re working 12 hours a day this is the way to do it!

Napa Valley came calling again, presenting an opportunity to make a permanent move with my family. An incredible opportunity arose after a stint in winemaking – A role as Director of Hospitality for one of Napa’s most unique and exciting family owned wineries. In this role, I prepared tasting’s coordinated with chef colleagues at one Napa’s most storied Michelin starred fine dining restaurants and welcomed guests from every corner of the world.

A few years at the hip of a French vintner with 40 years in The Valley was an indescribable learning experience. Gleaning stories from old Napa, exploring wine at every stage of its life and discovering vintages from our vintner’s personal cellar propelled me to a new level of appreciation for our trade.

I joined Bounty Hunter drawn to our staggering portfolio and access to the best. Wines and spirts from the world over (and our back yard, too!) that can’t be found anywhere – all presented with no pretension. Wine is all about connecting, sharing stories and making new friends and memories…don’t you agree?

I’m eager to chat with you to learn your taste, hear about a recent dish you experienced or just wax philosophical while we dream about the next cork we’re going to pull – Gimme a ring and let’s talk flavor!