Erik Bennett

Wine Scout

Wine Scout Since: 2018
Favorite Wines:

Pinot Noir, White Burgundy, aromatic Whites with great acid

Rarest Wine Tasted:

1985 Tenuta San Guido Sassicaia

Official Bio:

I grew up in the suburbs of Washington DC, and I credit my Swedish mother and Irish father for giving me a deep-rooted curiosity for other lands, cuisines and cultures. And I credit Minor Threat with helping me think for myself. After earning a degree in Political and Social Thought from The University of Virginia, I took my curiosity into my first restaurant job, where I thought I was biding my time before grad school. I loved the fast-paced social atmosphere of a busy restaurant, and so began my food and wine journey. As luck would have it, a two month cross-country motorcycle trip to San Francisco in 1990 cleared any thought of grad school from my mind, and I became fully immersed in the SF restaurant scene, working at Stars, Vivande and Harris’ Steakhouse.

In 1997, after a year of globetrotting, my wife and I packed up and moved to LA, following my big dreams of stage and screen. I was fortunate to work at The Water Grill for ten years, alongside world class chefs and inspiring sommeliers, who literally fed my curiosity, and helped me develop a more sublime appreciation of food and wine pairing.

In 2007, we relocated to Sonoma County to raise our young family, and I worked for a few years with Pat Kuleto and Mark Franz at Nick’s Cove, where I ended my tenure by running the wine and beverage program. Working closely with wine sales reps, I could see my future. For the next eight years, I worked for a number of distributors as a sales representative, and further deepened my knowledge regarding wine and spirits. I look forward to finding a great bottle for you, whether it’s for a random Tuesday night, or for a momentous occasion or milestone. Wine and spirits are meant to be shared to be fully enjoyed, and I look forward to sharing with you. Skål!