Ian Dooley

Wine Scout

Wine Scout Since: 2019
Favorite Wines:

Grenache, Cabernet, Pinot Noir, Chablis, Alsatian Whites

Rarest Wine Tasted:

1978 Robert Mondavi Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

Official Bio:

Born and raised on the island of Nantucket, my first exposure to wine was from my dad and his restaurant. I am very fortunate to have travelled the world and to have lived abroad for periods of my life. It was shortly after I began bartending and started to work in restaurants with wine when the proverbial seeds were planted. After graduating from college I lived in New Zealand for about two years where I was further exposed.

Then I returned to the States and worked in restaurants while pursuing a career in sportscasting. After three years of working full-time as sportscaster and program director for a local radio station, my wife and I arrived in the Napa Valley. Working for small, family-owned wineries got me fully immersed and deepened the connection and desire to learn and taste more. I’ve even had my hand in making it!

In addition to passing both the Certified Sommelier and WSET Advanced Exams I have continued coursework in Viticulture and Enology at the Napa Valley College. Whether enjoying a “nip” of whiskey with my grandfather, or a fine wine with family and friends, I am dedicated to helping you find what you’ll enjoy for whatever the occasion may be. Salud!