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Considered by most to be the greatest red wine Domaine in Burgundy, DRC is the most sought-after Pinot Noir in the world. Its history starts in 1760 when the famous La Romanée vineyard was purchased by Louis-François de Bourbon, the Prince of Conti. The prince was so enamored by the wine from this vineyard that not only did he add his name to the vineyard, branding it La Romanée-Conti, but he refused to share even one bottle of this delicious nectar with his friends.

Overall DRC produces less than 8,000 total cases per year, with production of the monopole Grand Cru La Romanee Conti at less than 450 cases each year. This scarcity, combined with longevity and outstanding quality, catapult this wine into the upper echelons of the wine market for both investment and drinking. This track record is not just for the older vintages found in hallowed collections, but also for recent vintages. In 2017 the wines of DRC collectively increased in value by 30%, a great return that is difficult to match even by successful hedge fund managers and financial advisors.

Tracking provenance to avoid counterfeits is difficult, however banded cases coming directly from the Domaine (or its sole importer Wilson Daniels) ensure absolute authenticity.

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