Writers Tears Copper Pot Still Whiskey - Ireland

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This whiskey is a fitting homage to the legendary literary history of the Emerald Isle. A most uncommon blend of pure pot still and single malt whiskey, recalling the whiskeys of the 19th century with honey, sweet orange blossom and a spicy hint of ginger and oak to the finish. Try on the rocks with soda, James Joyce’s drink.

"The light music of whisky falling into glasses made an agreeable interlude." - James Joyce, Grace, Dubliners Known as "the land of saints and scholars," with the average inhabitant somehow genetically predisposed to storytelling, Ireland's literary legacy is outsized. For a small island to produce such a vast collection of the written word there must be something in the water… of life. Many of its titans of letters, perhaps experiencing writer's block, sought inspiration at their local pub over a glass of whiskey. The whiskey that was drunk back then was an old pot still Irish whiskey and with Writers Tears, the Walsh Whiskey Company has paid fitting homage to that time-honored old recipe. Consider Writers Tears a fitting salute to the great Irish writers of past and present. This is one of those times our hard work in building relationships pays off. Our supplier gave us an early line on this inaugural release and, after it blew away our spirits buyer and tasting panel, we jumped at the chance to be among the first retail destinations for this bottle of "liquid sunshine". Enthusiastically received by connoisseurs and critics alike - like another Irish export we can think of - Writers Tears is one whiskey that embodies the spirit of its homeland. Slainté!

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Irish Whiskey
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750 ml Bottle