Zafra 'Master Series' 30yr Small Batch Rum Panama

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Maestro Ronero Perez crafted around 500 cases of this limited edition rum, and we grabbed as much as we could. Voluptuous with base notes of oak, vanilla and dried fig, this is one smooth and soulful libation. With an unparalleled depth of character, open this the next time you put on that slow-jams playlist and let the magic happen. Barry White would approve.

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This item will be available for delivery in early-mid July 2019

Like distillation itself, sugar cane hails from faraway lands, and the word Zafra is a Spanish variation on an Arabic word for harvest, specifically the sugar cane harvest. Zafra Rum combines that wealth of heritage into a singular, spirited liquid form with a sophisticated palate and pure, intense rum pleasure. Zafra is crafted by Francisco Fernandez Perez, AKA "Don Pancho," the Master Blender who started his career in Cuba working alongside his father in the booze industry. He earned a degree in microbiology and worked at Havana Club, earning one helluva reputation for his quality spirits. His newest release, Zafra is a breath of fresh air and our only qualm is that this Panamanian wonder goes down just a bit too easy… but we'll get over that.

Spirit (Varietal):
30 years
Oak Treatment:
Bourbon Barrels
Country of Origin:
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750 ml Bottle