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Lewis Randy Lewis first caught the wine bug in Europe as a professional race car driver. A little free time in places like Paris and Monaco will do that to someone, you know. But when he returned stateside to compete on the Indy circuit (he ran at the Brickyard four times), the allure of the vine still floated somewhere inside his helmet. So when he left pit row for good, he and his wife Debbie decided to make a run at the wine business. As they fed the monster, it quickly went from something of a small-scale hobby to a full-blown second career and in 2016, they earned pole position as Wine Spectator's Wine of the Year for their 2013 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. Throw in a group of loyal fans built over the years, a slew of impressive critical scores and reviews and voila! They now find themselves with a family winery of their own in Napa Valley. The engines are still revving hard for Team Lewis.

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