Glenfarclas 17-year Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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The 17-year expression is that perfect middle ground between the youth and vibrancy of the 10 and the richness of the 20+ year whiskies from this family-owned gem of the Highlands. It's got sweet oat cakes, spiced oak tones, and that vibrant honeyed tone you love so much. The body is full and shows dried fruits, tobacco, and a touch of leather. There isn't a better 17-year Highland whisky out there for the money.

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Originally licensed to distill in 1836, Glenfarclas was purchased by John Grant on June 8, 1865. The distillery sits upon the Rechlerich farm at the base of the Ben Rinnes Mountain in the heart of Speyside. To this day Glenfarclas is one of only a small handful of distilleries in Scotland to remain family-owned and managed. Now in the hands of the fifth and sixth generation of the family, John L. S. Grant and his son George S. Grant, remain committed to the vision of creating the best quality single malt Scotch whisky, in the traditional Speyside style. Meaning "Glen of the green grassland" in Gaelic, Glenfarclas' single malts all have a distinctive freshness reminiscent of spring time in Speyside intertwined with rich sherry and a touch of peat.

Scotch Whisky
10 years
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Single Malt Whisky
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750 ml Bottle