Silver Dollar Small Batch American Vodka

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We are not often enamored with vodka, but as distilleries keep pushing harder we are finding more approachable styles that have heft and interesting character. This is produced from 100% corn (It's gluten free, y'all!) in small batches of around 100 gallons at Nevada H&C Distilling. They use a unique filtering of silver coated carbon charcoal creating a lush mouthfeel and a super-clean spirit with loads of character. Try something new today with this affordable American-made vodka!

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Nevada H & C Distilling is the brainchild of Aaron Chepenik and screenwriter Jonathan Hensleigh who have taken a fully hands-on approach to the business. They set up shop in Las Vegas, first opening a bar downtown, The Griffin. One night after sampling some of the offerings at the bar, they were learning what they liked and didn’t and the next step became crystal clear… open their own distillery. They set up shop in Vegas and have been sourcing and producing spirits since 2014. They’ve been working with MGP since the beginning and rather than sourcing barrels they contract distill and take the new-make from their distilling runs and barrel it, age it in Nevada and await the liquid treasure that presents itself.

Nevada H&C Distillilng
100% Corn
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750 ml Bottle