Wright & Brown Barrel Aged Rum

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Oakland's own Wright & Brown Distilling Co. has really risen to the next level with their homegrown spirits. The first product we ever tasted from W&B, this California-made is loaded with character. Rum is a wild category for spirits, with bottles coming at us from all over the globe... We are psyched we need not go far to find one of our favorites. Notes of Ginger Snap cookies, molasses, oak, and a lovely balance of fruit and floral... this is a cornucopia of flavors to remind you of Grandma's house. This is the next bottle of rum you need for your bar. 

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Wright & Brown are a local, Oakland, distillery making hand-crafted Whiskey and Rum. We jumped at the chance to bring you their first ever Bottled-in-Bond release in this club. This is truly something special from an upstart distillery! We spent a day with founder Earl Brown tasting a plethora of selections (including a sneak peek of this whiskey long before it was bottled) talking about the production. Brown, along with partner Dan Wright took an unconventional route to find themselves in the high-proof libations game. Wright was in affordable housing development and Brown in the nautical trade. They share a passion for producing products from the land and Oakland, at the time, had no whiskey distilleries in place. So, in 2015 they took a chance and started a business. At the heart of their process is a classical American made artisan copper pot still which they use to handcraft each small batch. They work with locally grown, sustainably farmed, organic grains whenever possible and every step of the spirits making process happens in house: from milling the grain to mashing, fermenting, distilling, barrel-aging and bottling.

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Wright & Brown Distilling Company
100% Black Strap Molasses
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750 ml Bottle